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Tigaki beach

Tigaki is a long, sandy beach close to Kos Town. The water is crystal and shallow.

Marmari beach

Marmari is a popular beach on the northern side of the island. It is located between Tigaki and Mastihari.

Kardamena Beach

The beach of Kardamena always gets very popular in summer, as this is the busiest tourist resort in Kos. The crystal water and the organized facilities attract many visitors.

Kefalos beach

Paradise is a large cove with clean water, surrounded by lush greenery. The beach is fully organized and gets particularly popular in summer.

Thermes beach

Thermes is a small cove with black pebbles and hot water. The beach is surrounded by huge rocks.

Mastichari Beach

Mastihari is an exotic beach with soft, white sand and emerald water. Many windsurfing centres are located along this beach.

Lambi beach

Lambi is a popular beach in close distance from Kos Town, organized with sun beds, umbrellas and many tourist facilities.

Ancient Agora

Ancient Agora includes the remains of the ancient town of Kos. It is located close to the harbor. The ancient town had ample streets, sanctuaries, a stadium, gymnasium, and other settlements.

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Kos stands in the heart of Kos Town. It includes findings from the Ancient Agora, the Asklepieion and other sites on the island.